Ontario is waiting for entrepreneurs

Ontario is waiting for entrepreneurs

The province held an immigration draw for businespeople.

On January 27, the province of Ontario held a new draw under the provincial immigration program. This time, the region selected entrepreneurs.

10 people who scored between 137 and 162 on the scoring system received invitations. The previous drawing for businesspeople was held on December 22, and the passing scores were slightly higher.

The Ontario Entrepreneur Stream is for businesspeople who have a net worth of $400,000 CAD or more and are willing to invest $200,000 CAD or more in a business. Points are awarded for experience in owning and operating a business, education, language skills, amount of net worth and investment, business concept, number of jobs created, and so on.

This was Ontario's fourth immigration draw in the past week. On January 24, the region invited foreign graduates and workers, and on January 25, master's graduates were selected.

We keep an Ontario draw history where we publish passing scores and the number of invitations sent.

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