General information about the Express Entry system in Canada

General information about the Express Entry system in Canada

Do you want to move to Canada? You will most likely need to register with Express Entry.

Express Entry is a system for selecting skilled immigrants as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and participate in the Canadian economy.

Potential candidates apply online in the Express Entry system, where they document their eligibility (based on language skills, education, job, etc.). Once a candidate fills out a profile, they are entered into the pool. Winners are determined based on their score.

How Express Entry works

To register for the Express Entry assessment system, you must qualify for one of Canada's three federal immigration programs:

The first step is filling out an Express Entry online profile. Based on the profile information, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) evaluates:

  • skills and experience;
  • language ability;
  • education;
  • other factors.

Next, the candidates with the highest scores are placed in pool.

The maximum point is 1,200, the minimum passing score varies from draw to draw, on average it is 450-470.

Candidate evaluation

The Comprehensive Ranking System evaluates:

  • human capital factors, including or common-law partner factors — maximum 500 points;
  • skill transferability factors — maximum 100 points;
  • additional factors — maximum 600 points.

You can see the evaluation table on the official website.

Human capital and spouse or common-law partner factors

Human capital factors are scored differently depending on whether a single applicant or a family applies. In the second case, the principal applicant and their spouse or partner are evaluated.

The maximum points for human capital factors are:

  • age — 110 points for single candidates, 100 for a candidate with a spouse/partner;
  • education — 150 points for single candidates, 140 for a candidate with a spouse/partner;
  • official language skills — 160 points for single candidates, 150 points for a candidate with a spouse/partner;
  • work experience in Canada — 80 points for single candidates, 70 for a candidate with a spouse/partner.

Separately, the principal applicant's spouse or common-law partner is scored on the following factors (maximum number of points indicated):

  • education — 10 points;
  • language ability — 20 points;
  • work experience in Canada — 10 points.

Skill transferability factors

Up to 100 extra points can be earned for criterion bundles. There are several types of bundles:

  • knowledge of the language and education;
  • experience in Canada and education;
  • work experience in another country and knowledge of the language;
  • work experience in another country and work experience in Canada.

Additional factors

Additional points can be earned for relatives living in Canada, ability in both English and French, completed education in Canada, highly skilled profession and a provincial nomination.

The maximum number of points (600) is given to candidates with a nomination. A provincial nomination is given to those who have applied to one of the provincial immigration programs and received an invitation.

Express Entry draws history

Every two weeks, several thousand lucky Express Entry applicants receive invitations to apply for permanent residency in Canada. You can check the history of Express Entry draws, including the required number of points, on our website.

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