About the Immigrant.Today project

Immigrant.Today is your way to Canada.
Our goal is to provide an easy and convenient immigration process with access to exclusive content and information.

About the Immigrant.Today project

Immigrant.Today is your way to Canada.
Our goal is to provide an easy and convenient immigration process with access to exclusive content and information.

Alex Pavlenko

Immigrant.Today founder
"Our project is for people who want to move to Canada to change their lives for the better: to find stability, to live in a safe country, to receive a decent salary, to be confident in the future of their children.

We provide information about life and opportunities in Canada. We help those who have decided to move to Canada to prepare and submit their documents. Likewise, we publish useful information for those who have already immigrated and started a new life in an unfamiliar country."

Project history

Moving with family

Alex Pavlenko, the portal's founder, and his family had a difficult journey before coming to Canada. First, the family moved to Kyiv from a small Ukrainian town, then to Poland under a business immigration program, and only then to Canada. The immigration process to Canada took more than 5 years. This path could be shorter, but more on that later.

Desire to help other immigrants and organization of an info portal

In 2015, Alex launched the Immigrant.Today project. It started with a selection of YouTube channels on emigration and their transcription (text versions of videos). There was a great desire to share experiences and lifehacks on how to organize a move and adapt to a new place. Alex spoke truthfully and clearly about the seemingly complicated immigration process and how to make it easier.

Obtaining the status of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, starting a company

Seeing the subscribers' keen interest in moving to Canada and the need for individual consultations - what strategy to choose for moving to Canada, what immigration programs are suitable in this or that case, how to increase the chances of getting a visa, etc. - Alex's wife Ivanna Pavlenko became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and founded the Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. company.

Consultations and professional support

To date, Ivanna has provided more than 1,000 consultations and helps people realize their dream of moving to Canada. In our work, we use advanced information technologies and artificial intelligence to effectively support our clients from consulting to applying for visas and residence permits. We provide high quality support to clients at every stage of their journey to relocating to Canada.

Our services

At Immigrant.Today, we focus on providing important services for those looking to start their new life in Canada. Here are our three key offers:
Free immigration chance assessment
Allows you to understand your opportunities and prospects of immigrating to Canada. We use advanced information technology and artificial intelligence to assess your chances.
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Consultation with an immigration expert
We provide a personalized approach and professional guidance to develop your relocation plan to Canada.
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English language courses
Mastering English is a key aspect of successful immigration and adaptation to Canada. We offer language courses both in Canada and online.
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The full list of our services is available at the link.

Our values

  • We understand our clients' motivations and difficulties, as we have gone through a similar path ourselves.
  • We provide accurate information and always check the facts.
  • We work for those close to us in spirit, like-minded people who have decided to change their lives. And our goal is to help such people.
  • We do not deceive our clients or use the tricks of unscrupulous immigration consultants.
  • We are open to new things and ready to experiment, offering our clients new services and opportunities.
  • We are not afraid of constructive criticism and are ready to listen to your point of view.

Our team is your success in immigrating to Canada

  • Ivanna Pavlenko
    Co-owner of the company, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R706095)
  • Alex Pavlenko
    Co-owner of the company, director of business development
  • Alexander Balabanov
    Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R708838)
  • Victoria Bezruk
    Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R710694)
  • Natalia Young
    Career adviser
  • Kamila Galimullina
    Assistant of the immigration consultant
  • Elena Rasskazova
    Manager of user support and registration for English courses
  • Anastasia Kudyrko
    Document preparation manager
...as well as our specialists in content, video production, sales, programming, career counselling, and SMM are crucial in achieving our mission. Their daily contributions of experience and passion allow Immigrant.Today to maintain our leadership position in immigration services.

Our clients

We attempt to keep in touch with our clients even after they relocate in Canada.

Part of our clients' visas

Our clients receive student, work and visitor visas to Canada, as well as permanent residency.
Testimonials from our clients

Our partners

We are proud to work with leading organizations and experts who help us realize our projects and improve services for our clients.
Experienced Canadian career consultant. Writes professional resumes, cover letters, helps with LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation.
Igor Isaev, certified translator. If you use our promo code (immigrant.today), you will get a 10% discount on translation services.
ILAC, Canada's largest language academy, offers both online courses and on-campus courses in Canada.
Tamwood Career College offers a variety of study and recreational programs.
We also partner with leading Canadian universities and colleges.

Our contacts

The best way to contact us is by email at mail@immigrant.today.