About Immigrant.Today

About Immigrant.Today

Immigrant.Today is an information portal that helps people immigrate and settle in Canada.

Project history

Alex Pavlenko, the portal founder, and his family had a difficult journey before coming to Canada. First, the family moved from a Ukrainian provincial town to Kyiv, then to Poland under a business immigration program, and only after that to Canada. The immigration process to Canada took over 5 years.

The Immigrant.Today project was launched in 2015. It started with a selection of YouTube channels on emigration topics and their transcribing (text versions of videos). Over time, the website began to be filled with exclusive content on how to get a visa to Canada, which immigration program is easier, how to find the first job in a new country, and more. In addition, a newsfeed and feature articles about life in immigration and the subsequent adaptation appeared.

Alex's wife Ivanna Pavlenko became a Canadian licensed immigration consultant. Now she helps people realize their dream of moving to Canada.

If you have questions about emigrating or getting a visa, please book a consultation.

Our specialty

We specialize in Canada, other countries are good too, but Canada is still better.

In 2021, Canada was ranked first in the best countries in the world ranking.

At Immigrant.Today, you can assess your chances of moving to Canada and follow all the steps of immigration with us. We also talk about life, searching for a job, medicine, real estate, education, and other important aspects of life abroad.

Our project is for those people who want to change their life for the better: to find stability, get a decent salary, and be confident in their children’s future. We also publish useful information for those who have already immigrated and started a new life in an unfamiliar country.

Our goal

We have accumulated a lot of information, secrets, life hacks about emigration that we want to share. Our goal is to help people get the information they need and to talk truthfully and clearly about the seemingly complex immigration process. We help you gather and submit documents, and tell you about life in Canada and the opportunities available to you.

Site structure

The portal is divided into several parts: the website itself, an email newsletter (requires registration), and a YouTube channel.

Our contacts

The best way to contact us is by email at mail@immigrant.today.

You can also text us a message or comment on our social networks.

Our values

  • We understand the motivations and difficulties of our audience because we went through the same way. We write for people who are close to us in spirit, people who have decided to change their lives. Our goal is to help them. If not with money, at least with information.
  • We are trying to write brief and accurate articles and verify information if we take it from third-party sources.
  • We do not deceive our readers and do not use the tricks of unscrupulous immigration consultants.
  • We are open to experiments, offering our readers the most convenient ways of presenting content.
  • We are not afraid of constructive criticism, and we are willing to listen to your point of view.
  • We are trying to publish up-to-date information and comprehensive data to ensure that our readers receive all the information they need on time.

Legality of our services

Under Canadian law, any paid consultations or services related to immigration are possible only with a special license.

Our Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. company is legally registered in Canada and Ivanna Pavlenko is authorized as an immigration consultant, with license number R706095. You can check it out by the link.

See you in Canada!

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