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Canada's largest language school ILAC has launched an online English course ILAC KISS (Keep It Simple and Smart)

Distance learning programs available: General English, Business English, University Pathway, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation.
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Learn from anywhere: at home, in the office, in a cafe
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  • Lessons take place via Zoom
  • Small groups
  • Students are divided into levels, depending on their current level of English
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2 weeks
$360 CAD / ~$271 USD
4 weeks
$640 CAD / ~$483 USD
6 weeks
$900 CAD / ~$680 USD
8 weeks
$1040 CAD / ~$785 USD
All our students booking 8 weeks or more of the Full-time program get a special PROMO price!

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Programs and courses

General English
Elementary to Intermediate students start with General English before progressing to more advanced courses. With the help of the Cambridge communicative approach, students develop all 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).
Cambridge English
The Cambridge English Program is the most effective way to develop fluency in English and improve communication skills. This program prepares students for internationally recognized exams. Students will improve their general English skills and learn to communicate fluently with native speakers.
University Pathway
The ILAC University Pathway Program leads to obtaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas and certificates. After completing this program, students can be enrolled in a university or college without taking IELTS!
IELTS Preparation
Led by experienced ILAC teachers, this program will help students develop the skills, confidence, and methods needed to pass the IELTS exam and get their desired score.
Business English
This course focuses on English fluency for professionals. Students will acquire career-oriented skills and learn to communicate effectively in the workplace. Course topics include negotiation and meeting management, as well as business correspondence and presentations.

Reviews from our clients

  • I completed the ILAC course and reached the Advanced level. Studying at ILAC is very interesting, the teachers are very professional. Before ILAC, I took different classes, including individual ones. Still, I didn't reach such progress as at ILAC.
    Also, the classes are very different from those usually taught in my country. We managed to go through all the sections during one class, there was especially a lot of speaking practice.
    I’ve taken a break for now, but I’ll definitely return to prepare for IELTS, since the teachers explain very well. Everything that seemed difficult is explained in simple words.
  • I took the Pathway program at ILAC and graduated with a 3.4 certificate. I signed up through Alex, who guided me through the program. The program itself is interesting, fairly simple if you get into the process quickly, because at first there may be too much information because you are assigned to a group that is already studying for at least 2 weeks. There will be a lot of IELTS practice, essays, presentations. Nothing to be afraid of, the teachers are great, especially Freddie is a super nice person, and most importantly, a great teacher. Much better than the outdated IELTS, and much easier. Thank you, Alex!
  • I liked studying at ILAC, but it seemed that it was not enough. I had 4 weeks of classes, but in the first lesson, I got a test, so I can say I studied only 3 classes. There was a lot of communication during the lessons. After that, I felt the strength to watch movies in English. The education system is fundamentally different from the one in my home country. Naturally, no one scolds you for mistakes, and teachers often do not even correct students, so that no one is afraid to make a mistake. We were often divided into groups of 2-4 people so that we could discuss something together or prepare a mini-project.
  • I really liked the training, and it's finishing now. I will be sorry to part with them the teachers and the guys. But I scored all the possible points, the only thing left is to make a presentation and that's it. On Thursday they should give me a certificate.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn, improve English, gain invaluable new experiences, and make many new friends.
  • Studying at the ILAC Academy left an extremely pleasant impression. Ecaterina Albu is an excellent teacher with great knowledge and experience. The learning process is efficient with no unnecessary difficulties. Regular communication with other students from around the world is very exciting.
  • I am satisfied with my studies at ILAC. In 12 weeks, I managed to pass 2 levels and move to the Advanced Level. The teachers are great, the students are from all over the world. With many of them, we continue to communicate and practice English. This training is not comparable to self-study of the language. I have never had so much speaking practice! I will definitely come back and continue learning the language
    Svetlana Konovalova
  • I took classes on Saturdays. I've never studied anywhere cooler than at ILAC. The teaching methodology itself is so different from traditional methods in my country that you can't help but wonder why they can't do it here. Five points to ILAC. Five points to Immigrant.Today.
  • Got my Pathway certificate. It wasn't easy, but it was very useful. The training is varied and interesting, it's especially interesting to communicate with students from different countries. I felt the progress in my knowledge, I got more confidence.


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