Learn English with a Canadian teacher from the comfort of your own home

Learn English with a Canadian teacher from the comfort of your own home

Canada's best language school offers online courses. You can learn English at home, as well as prepare for IELTS or for admission to a Canadian university.

One of Canada's best language schools, ILAC, with branches in Toronto and Vancouver, has launched an online project ILAC KISS (Keep It Simple and Smart). The move to online is connected with the coronavirus pandemic affecting almost every country in the world.

Лушая языковая школа английского в КанадеOnce again, ILAC was recognized as the best language school in Canada and received the Top Choice Awards.

Distance learning offers the same programs as offline courses: General English, Business English, University Pathway, preparation for Cambridge exams, IELTS and TOEFL.

The University Pathway program allows you to prepare for admission to a Canadian university or college without taking the IELTS and TOEFL exams. You can also get free consultation on enrolling in Canadian institutions through this program. In addition, studying in a language school is a good way to get a visa to Canada and try to find a job there.

Enrolling in English courses is available for students from the age of 14.

The classes start every Monday and can be booked for the duration of 2 weeks and more (4 weeks and more for the Part-Time program).

The ZOOM platform is used for studying, you can access the class from any device via a link. Lessons are live, not recorded. There are up to 15 students in the classroom at a time. Students are divided into groups based on their current English level.

ILAC Language School offers 3 study programs with 5 different time slots.

Full-Time Program

The Full-Time classes are held Monday to Friday or Sunday to Thursday. Each day you will have 3 hours of English in a group, you must also set aside time for self-study, homework, and essay writing.

One week of the program costs from $135 CAD (about $102 USD) to $180 CAD (about $136 USD) and $10 CAD for study materials. The more weeks you book, the cheaper is every week.

By comparison, the standard price for a week in the ILAC school starts at $259 CAD.

Semi-Time Program

The Semi-Time classes are held Monday to Thursday or Sunday to Wednesday, 2 hours a day.

One week costs $100 CAD ($75 USD) and $10 CAD for study materials.

Programs comparison

For your convenience, we have collected all the data on the programs in one plate.

  Full-Time Semi-Time
Study days per week 5 4
Study hours per week 15 8
Price for 2-week study $360 CAD / ~$292 USD $200 CAD / ~$162 USD
Price for 4-week study $640 CAD/ ~$519 USD $400 CAD / ~$324 USD
Price for 6-week study $900 CAD / ~$729 USD $600 CAD/ ~$486 USD
Price for 8-week study (recommended) $800 CAD / ~$648 USD $800 CAD / ~$648 USD

Language level testing

Regardless of the program you choose, you will pay a one-time registration fee of $100 CAD and take an English level test.

Why book a course with us

✔️ We are official ILAC school partners
✔️ When you book your course through us, you get the study materials for free!

Special offer

Until December 31, when you book 8 weeks of Full-Time study, you pay only $100 CAD ($79 USD) per week instead of $135 CAD (as before).

If you want to have a good time and learn English, apply for the course:


If you have any questions, you can email us. Also, see the answers to frequently asked questions:

Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I pay tuition?

The payment process is described in detail at the link.

If I realize that the program is too difficult, can I change it to another program or transfer to another group?

The test before you start your course will show your level of English. Based on this, you will be allocated to the right group. If your language level is not good, you will start with the General English program. If the group is too difficult, you may be transferred to a group with the lower level.

Can I take leave while studying?

Yes, but you need to notify your agent 2 weeks before. If you fail to do it, you will get a fine of $50 CAD.

For example, you find out on Friday that you are going on a business trip on Monday and will not be able to attend classes. The school will give you time off while you are travelling but will charge you a penalty of $50 CAD.

Will I be able to take breaks between courses? For example, 2 weeks of classes, a week break, then 2 weeks of classes again, or will I have to take classes without a break?

Courses do not involve breaks. If you need a leave, you must give us 2 weeks' notice. If you do not, the school will charge you a fine of $50 CAD.

Is it possible to transfer missed classes?

Rescheduling and reimbursement for missed classes is not available.

Will I be able to change my class time if my work schedule changes?

If you want to change your class schedule, you will need to give 3 days' notice before your intended change of time slot. In this case you will be transferred to another group with a new teacher.

How many people are in the class and what is the principle of grouping?

There is an average of 10-12 students in a group. You will be allocated according to your level of English and your program of study. You will be tested during the course to determine your progress. Based on your results, you may be transferred to a stronger or a weaker group or stay in yours.

Do teachers speak my language? Who can I turn to for help?

The teachers are native English speakers. They do not speak your language. You can apply for help by emailing us.

Will I receive any proof of course completion?

At the end of the course, you will receive an ILAC certificate with your English level. The certificate is sent to the email address you provided during the registration.

How do I go to a language course in Canada during a pandemic?

To find the answer to this question, read the article.


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