Immigration to New Brunswick for private college graduates

Immigration to New Brunswick for private college graduates

Candidates who have graduated from a priority education program at a private college may be eligible for the Private Career College Graduate Immigration Pilot.

The Private Career College Graduate Pilot of New Brunswick's immigration program is designed for private college graduates with in-demand occupations.

Unlike other immigration programs for college graduates, the pilot allows those graduates who attended private colleges and are not eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit to obtain permanent residency.


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You must meet the following requirements to apply for the Private Career College Graduate Pilot:

  • be between the ages of 19 and 55;
  • graduate from a private college in New Brunswick with a 10-month or longer priority academic program;
  • receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation in an occupation related to your field of study;
  • demonstrate proficiency in English or French at level 5 on the CLB scale.

Applications are accepted from those who have graduated from Eastern College or Oulton College of New Brunswick.

Priority occupations

You must have completed one of the educational programs in education and social development, health care, IT and cybersecurity, business administration, supply chain, or logistics. Upon graduation from college, you must have one of the following occupations:

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