Study in Canada and a turnkey visa

Guaranteed admission to a Canadian university or college without passing exams and IELTS* and even with a high school diploma.

Admission 3 times a year!

What opportunities does studying in Canada give you

Prestigious diploma at an affordable price

High academic standards of education. Canadian diplomas and certificates are recognized worldwide while the cost of education is lower compared to the US and the UK.

Job opportunities

Employment opportunities both during and after studies.
Graduates of public institutions obtain a work permit for 1-3 years

Easy immigration to Canada

Graduates of Canadian institutions receive additional points for their education, English proficiency, and work experience in Canada.

Studying in Canada is right for you if you

Are interested in getting a quality education

If you are seriously thinking about your future and career in an international company, a Canadian diploma will help you.
We will assist you in choosing a university or college, the right occupation, and will prepare documents for you.

Already dealt with immigration and don't score enough points

We will find you the best educational institution with the lowest price in accordance with your goals.
Some programs even include a paid internship!

Want to live in a safe and developed country

Canada consistently ranks first in various world rankings. For example, the US News, Canada was named the best country in the world in 2022 and ranked third in the Quality of Life category

We will be happy to organize the studies in Canada

For school graduates

For graduated professionals

For entrepreneurs

What is included in our service package

    • Stage 1
      Consultation on chances analysis for a visa

      Consultation on assessing your chances of obtaining a visa and developing a plan to improve your chances, if necessary. We analyze the possible reasons for visa refusal and if necessary prepare a strategy to improve your chances of obtaining it.
    • Stage 2
      Preparation and submission of documents

      We prepare and submit all the necessary documents for admission and obtaining a visa.
      •​ Selecting an institution and study program individually for your case
      • Lobbying your interests in the institution, conducting a complete communication process
      • Preparing and submitting documents for admission
      • Paying the registration fee at the institution
      • Obtaining an admission letter with which you can apply for a visa
      • Preparing documents for a visa
      • Submitting visa documents by a licensed immigration consultant
      • Receiving a visa decision and sending it to you

    Important point

    Since we guarantee your admission to a university or college, we should understand how you meet the criteria for obtaining a visa to Canada. That is why we conduct a consultation with all our clients at the first stage.

    We do our work responsibly and only those clients who have really high chance are offered to proceed to the document preparation and submission.

    The Premium package cost

    • Stage 1
      Consultation on chances analysis for a visa

      CAD 195 / ~$145 USD, if the initial consultation is carried out by one of our specialists
      CAD 245 / ~$180 USD, if the consultation is carried out by the company co-owner
    • Stage 2
      Preparation and submission of documents

      CAD 1,250 / ~$920 USD

      Special offer: If you pay for the second stage within 7 days after the consultation, we give a discount in the amount of the consultation cost!

    You can move to Canada with the whole family!

    The student will study, the spouse will work on a work visa, and the children will study at a public school on study visas.

    Our team is your success in studying abroad

    You get more than the support of one specialist. A team of experts will work with you throughout the entire process of your move to Canada. We provide personalized support and address all your questions to ensure you have the best possible comfort and chances of success.
    • Ivanna Pavlenko
      Co-owner of the company, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R706095)
    • Alex Pavlenko
      Co-owner of the company, director of business development
    • Alexander Balabanov
      Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R708838)
    • Kamila Galimullina
      Assistant of the immigration consultant
    • Elena Rasskazova
      Manager of user support and registration for English courses
    • Anastasia Kudyrko
      Document preparation manager

    Reviews from our clients

    Why choose us

      • We work on a turnkey basis

        The whole process of preparing documents for admission and applying for a visa on a turnkey basis.
      • Guarantee of results

        We guarantee your admission to a Canadian institution.
      • Special offers

        We partner with over 80 universities and colleges across Canada. We also suggest special offers from partner institutions - tuition discounts and free English courses.
      • License availability

        Our team is led by Ivanna Pavlenko, who has a license from the Canadian government to provide visa and immigration services. The license number is R706095. Check the license
      • Recommendations

        100 percent of our clients who obtained a visa recommend us.

      Our clients

      We personally meet our clients in Canada and present them with a small souvenir

      Letters of admission from institutions

      Examples of scholarships from institutions to our clients

      Our partners
      We work with colleges, private schools, and universities across Canada

      Promotional offers

      Some Canadian universities and colleges offer students various scholarships to offset a part of the tuition fee. We also give away an iPhone among our customers.

      Scholarship of CAD 4,000* per year

      12 weeks of free** English classes

      Chance to win an iPhone

      *scholarships vary by college and time of enrollment
      **you pay only the admission fee and course materials

      Select a licensed consultant
      for the initial consultation on the first stage

      Alexander Balabanov
      CAD 195 / ~$145 USD
      Alexander has been working in education since 2006 and is an experienced specialist. He conducts initial consultations in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
      The next appointment for 2024-05-29
      Ivanna Pavlenko
      CAD 245 / ~$180 USD
      Ivanna runs the company and applies for visas. Because of this, there is usually a long queue for consultations with her. Consultations are in English.
      The next appointment for 2024-05-28

      Answers to questions*

      Answering frequently asked questions