Federal immigration programs to Canada

Federal immigration programs to Canada

Canada has several federal immigration programs. Their main advantage over provincial programs is that you can live and work anywhere in Canada.

The federal (principal) government of Canada has developed several major immigration programs to attract professionals from other countries. If you are eligible for these programs, you will receive permanent residency (PR) and will be able live in any Canadian province and any city except Quebec. Most immigrants choose Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa.

There are the following federal immigration programs:

Immigration applications are accepted through the Express Entry system. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for these programs.

If we take the most popular program, Federal Skilled Worker, the candidate should be young, have excellent knowledge of English and/or French, have a good education and work experience in their home country. In our experience, there are not many such people.

The Canadian Experience Class program is only suitable people who have already lived in Canada and have worked there for at least 1 year. Usually these are graduates of Canadian universities. This is why immigration to Canada through education is very popular.

The Federal Skilled Trades program is available to people with a job offer from a Canadian employer or a certificate of qualification from one of the provinces. The list of occupations includes a large number of trades: electricians, cooks, butchers, construction workers, assemblers, welders and others.

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