Move to Canada as a truck driver

Work in Canada for men from different countries
What opportunities a truck driver job gives you
Decent salary
On average, truckers earn CAD 48,750 per year
Permanent residency for the whole family
After gaining work experience in Canada, you and your family can get permanent residency
Canadian passport
After 3 years of living in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship

Your path to a Canadian passport

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Learn English in Canada

Take a driver's course at the same time

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We offer various cooperation options

Truck driving experience or English proficiency doesn't matter

With driving experience and intermediate English skills

If you are an international driver, this offer will suit you. Those wishing to work in Canada as truckers must complete a professional driving course in Canada and obtain a Canadian license.

With driving experience but with no English proficiency

You can go to Canada to study English and at the same time study at a driving school and submit the necessary documents to obtain a Canadian license.

With no driving experience and no English proficiency

Specialists of our company will help you with admission to a language school to study English, as well as help you choose a driving school with instructors speaking your language for training and subsequent obtaining the necessary certificates.

What you need to work as a trucker in Canada

Knowledge of English

It is impossible to work as a truck driver in Canada without knowing English

Completion of a driving course in Canada

Even if you have all the necessary categories, you will have to take a special course at a driving school

Financial sufficiency for education and accommodation

Get ready to invest USD 15,000 for driving school and language school, flight to Canada, and living expenses
Working in Canada as a truck driver

What we offer

Our turnkey services cover the first 4 steps on the path to a Canadian passport.
This is the first stage in time that you need to go through on the path to immigration.
  • Assistance in choosing a driving school and submitting documents for studying
    We help you choose one of several Toronto driving schools at your request, for studying a full truck driving course or passing the necessary tests.
  • Registration in a language school in Toronto
    If you need to improve your English, we are happy to offer you one of the best language schools in Toronto. You can also start learning online.
  • Booking an accommodation
    While studying an English course, you can live in a residence or a Canadian host family with meals. We will provide several options for you to choose from.
  • Applying for a Canadian visa
    A regulated Canadian immigration consultant of our company will help you prepare documents for applying for a visitor visa.
How do we work?
You book a consultation
The immigration consultant will assess your chances of obtaining a visa and, if necessary, develop a plan to improve your chances
Selection of options
Based on your answers and wishes, our specialists will clarify the details and select the most suitable option for you.
Payment and document preparation
After signing the contract and payment, we prepare the necessary documents for you and guide you throughout the process

Total budget for a trip to Canada

the cost is calculated as an example for 12 weeks of study and living
driving school training
CAD 8,000
*the cost may vary depending on the chosen driving school and the program offered
Our support services
CAD 1,500
Services include preparation and submission of documents for a visa
Visa fees
CAD 100
CAD 85
Flight to Toronto
CAD 700
*the average price of a flight to Toronto is indicated
Transfer (OPTIONAL)
CAD 115
One-way airport transfer
Language course (optional)
CAD 3,240
Cost of studying the Intensive English program (30 lessons a week) at a language school.
Service fee (optional)
CAD 240
In the case of studying at a language school, you need to pay a service fee.
registration fee (optional)
from CAD 395
You will need to pay the registration fee for studying at a language school and for the accommodation selection
homestay accommodation with meals (OPTIONAL)
CAD 3,600
For your convenience and practice of English, we offer you accommodation in a Canadian family with 3 meals a day
Other expenses
CAD 1,000
Other unexpected expenses
Total: about CAD 19,000 / ~$14000 USD
Payment in several stages is possible
  • 1
    Payment for our services
    After signing a legal contract with our Canadian immigration company, our regulated immigration consultant will begin to deal with your documents
  • 2
    Payment for the language school and accommodation
    If your visa is denied, you will be refunded your English course fees and accommodation, minus a small registration fee.
  • 3
    Paying for tuition at the truck driving school
    You can pay after obtaining a Canadian visa

Our team

You get more than the support of one specialist. A team of experts will work with you throughout the entire process of your move to Canada. We provide personalized support and address all your questions to ensure you have the best possible comfort and chances of success.
  • Ivanna Pavlenko
    Co-owner of the company, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (license R706095)
  • Alex Pavlenko
    Co-owner of the company, director of business development
  • Elena Rasskazova
    Manager of user support and registration for English courses

Take the first step to become a truck driver in Canada

The consultation on moving to Canada as a trucker costs CAD 245 / ~$180 USD.
It is held in English.
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