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Why look for a job in Canada?

  • High earnings

    The average wage in Canada is C$63,181 per year, or C$30 per hour. The minimum wage is C$15-17 per hour (depends on the province).
  • Stable economy

    Leading in the world's best countries ranking, Canada attracts investors and immigrants due to its stable economy, high standard of living, developed infrastructure, and quality education.
  • Possibility of becoming a Canadian citizen

    After 1 year working in Canada on a work visa, you can be eligible to apply for a Canadian residence permit, and over time, you may be able to obtain a Canadian passport.

Why can't you find a job?

Many complain that they send hundreds of resumes, but their emails don't even get answered. Let's look at the main reasons for this:
You use the incorrect resume format
Canada has a specific resume format that differs from the standards of other countries. In particular, it is not recommended to include a photo or provide personal information, and it is important to take into account other features specific to the Canadian labour market.
You make mistakes in your resume
Many are not fluent in English and therefore make gross errors in their resume, which can play against candidates.
You list all your work experience
Canadian employers value specialization. It is better not to list all of your work experience, but only that directly related to the job.
You don't know how to sell yourself
It is not enough to simply list your work experience, you need to interest a Canadian employer and describe your past achievements.

Turnkey Canadian resume

We provide a professional resume writing service that meets all the necessary criteria for a successful job search. The resume is written by a Canadian professional.

How the resume preparation is organized

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We offer several packages, all of which include a resume. Additionally, you can choose extra bonuses.
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After paying for the service, you need to fill out a questionnaire in which you list your work experience, language skills, and personal qualities.
Get your resume
Once all the details are finalized, you will receive a resume written according to Canadian standards within 2 weeks.

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