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Self-employed Persons Program to Canada

Self-employed Persons Program to Canada

If you have a cultural or sporting background and are ready to contribute to Canadian cultural or sporting life, you can immigrate through the Self-employed Persons program.

The program has been paused indefinitely.

The Self-employed Persons Program is a federal immigration program for self-employed people. A self-employed person is someone who works for themselves.

Not only entrepreneurs can immigrate through the Self-employed Persons Program. It is also suitable for but people of art professions (actors, journalists, designers, musicians, photographers, directors, and others) and sports professions (coaches, athletes, dancers).

If you are interested in this program, you must have an experience in cultural or sporting activities and be willing and able to make a significant contribution to Canadian cultural or sporting life.

The Self-employed Persons Program has simplified eligibility requirements. It applies to all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec, which has its own self-employed immigration program.


The requirements are simple:

  • high school education;
  • 2 years of self-employment experience in the cultural or sports field or 2 years of participation in world-class cultural or sports competitions and other events;
  • confirm of experience, for example, with a portfolio;
  • plan for developing and adapting to Canada, as well as a business plan;
  • score of 35 points out of a possible 100 on the grading system.

The Self-employed Persons Program does not require any funds, but you must have the means to support yourself and your family after you move to Canada.

Selection criteria

Candidates are evaluated on criteria, which include experience, education, age, language ability, adaptability. A score of 35 out of 100 is required.

The maximum points for each factor:

  • education — 25 points;
  • work experience — 35 points;
  • age — 10 points;
  • English/French — 24 points;
  • adaptability — 6 points.

It is easy to score the required points. It is not necessary to have higher education — a high school education is enough, for which you get 5 points, that is, you have 5 points out of 35. A minimum of 2 years professional experience is required — you gain another 20 points and get 25 out of 35 points. The maximum number of points for age (10 points) is given to candidates between 21 and 49 years old. That is, you accumulate another 10 points, and the total is already 35 points. If you have English test, you can get extra points.

How to apply

The applicant must gather the documents listed on the official website and send them by e-mail, which is listed there. The downside of the Self-employed Persons Program is that it takes a very long time to process applications: the process can take 2-3 years.

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