Our clients are in Canada! Feedback on visa support

Our clients are in Canada! Feedback on visa support

"We are very grateful for every stage, we were literally led by Ivanna's hand."

Immigration to Canada is a dream for millions of people around the world. Canada gives its residents security, stable jobs, good income, and a high standard of living. However, candidates often lack points in immigration programs. In such a case, one can consider moving through education. It is possible to enter a university or college at any age and even with poor English skills.

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. is dedicated to visa and immigration support. Our licensed experts will analyze your situation, suggest the best solution, and help you with the paperwork. We guarantee your admission to a Canadian university or college even without an entrance exam or language test.

If you want to immigrate to Canada through study, the first thing you need to do is to book an initial consultation. We will assess your chances of obtaining a study visa and help you choose an institution and study program.

Here is feedback from our clients who have moved to Canada on study and work visas with our help:

"Our names are Andrey and Anya, we are in Ottawa, and it's all thanks to two people, Alex and Ivanna, who helped us move here. They literally from all the immigration programs, from all this tornado of opportunities blended all into one pile, organized for us, and made us understand where to move and how, and actually, we are here.

Andrey now studies at a college in Ottawa, and Anya works here as a student's wife. We are very grateful for every stage, we were literally led by Ivanna's hand. That is, at each stage, Ivanna was even more involved in the process than us, and she was always prompting us, telling us how to do it better. And Alex for his part acted as a "bad cop", as he likes to call it, and constantly checked us: "Are you sure you want to go here, are you sure you need to go there?".

So we are very grateful. From the whole available spectrum — whether to apply on a work visa or a study visa — we chose the best option, we found a place that we really like. It is quite a small city, the capital Ottawa, not a big metropolis like Toronto and Vancouver, which is one of the advantages for us, because we are not used to it, we are not comfortable in big cities. And we found here what we were looking for.

And I would like to emphasize the cordiality with which our work was carried out, Ivanna and Alex always supported us. When we applied for our visas, we felt really good human support, in addition to all the professional services. And this is very valuable to us, thank you very much."

If you are considering other Canadian immigration options for yourself, book a general consultation with us.

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