Immigration to Ontario - Canada's provincial program (OINP)

Immigration to Ontario - Canada

You can immigrate to Canada through one of the provincial programs, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Ontario is one of the most attractive regions for immigration to Canada. Toronto, the largest city in the country and the economic engine of Canada, is located here. It is easier to find well-paid job in Ontario, as well as to make connections due to the numerous diasporas. The province also borders the North American states, and on the border with New York State you can find Niagara Falls, the pride of both countries.

Applicants who do not score the required points for immigration to Canada through the federal program can try to immigrate through one of the 11 provincial programs. They are suitable for a wide range of occupations. These programs are also interesting for those who plan to live and work in a particular province or territory.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) includes several directions.

Employer Job Offer

This direction includes the following streams for those who have found work in Ontario:

Human Capital — International Graduates

This direction includes two streams:

Human Capital — Ontario's Express Entry

This direction includes streams for candidates who received an invitation through the federal Express Entry system:


This direction includes the Entrepreneur stream for those who are willing to invest in an existing or new business in Ontario.

By choosing one of the streams of the provincial program, you can get permanent residency in Canada and Canadian citizenship after three years of permanent residency.

To increase your chances of being invited to apply for a nomination from Ontario, we recommend keeping an eye on history of passing scores and number of invitations.

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