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Client story: Wanted to move to Australia but chose Canada

Client story: Wanted to move to Australia but chose Canada

"100 out of 100, everything is super."

Many people dream of moving to Canada, and there are good reasons for that — good education, quality medicine, good earnings, a high standard of living, and many development opportunities. However, moving to this country may not be so easy, despite the loyal immigration policy.

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. provides legal visa and immigration services with a licensed specialist. We will analyze your specific situation, work through your immigration strategy and help you gather and submit the necessary documents.

The first thing to do is to book an initial consultation so that our consultant can evaluate your chances of immigration and select the ways to move that are worth considering in your case.

We suggest that you read a review of the consultation with Ivanna Pavlenko:

"Hello everyone, my name is Nail. I had a consultation with Ivanna along with my wife. We were initially looking at those who could tell us more in-depth what immigration options there are, what programs there are, and what are the intricacies in this or that province.

Initially, we were looking at Australia and I accidentally got on Alex's Instagram — Immigrant.Today — and started thinking about going to Canada instead of Australia. The programs are pretty similar, but there are nuances. Ivanna told us all about it: she told us about all the nuances, which are there, plus a percentage of probability, based on her experience, which case would be more suitable for us.

We will continue to work together in the same way. We haven't talked to Alex in person yet, but Ivanna is a very pleasant person and told us everything as personalized as possible. And we prepared in advance all the questions that we were interested in, and we dealt with them pretty quickly. Then there was a little bit of off-topic, we chatted about the options for travel. That is, how you can go, what visas, how much it takes, and so on.

I advise everyone to have a consultation, absolutely everything becomes transparent, there is no water or extortion of time and money, as with most of those who deal with the same cases in Australia. We have often fallen in with not very nice people who do not perform their consultations well. Ivanna is 100 out of 100, everything is super. I recommend it to everyone."

Sign up for a consultation with our immigration company to begin your journey to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

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