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Feedback on a consultation with our top immigration specialist

Feedback on a consultation with our top immigration specialist

"Certainly we will adhere to the plan of action outlined in the consultation."

Moving to Canada requires investing a lot of time and effort in researching the immigration process. However, it can be difficult to figure out all the details on your own.

That's why our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. offers professional immigration and visa assistance with licensed professionals. We will analyze your situation, develop the most appropriate immigration strategy and support you in gathering and filing all necessary documents.

The first step is to book an initial consultation, where our immigration specialist will assess your possibilities of obtaining permanent residency, select the program most suitable for you and tell you about all the details.

Here is a review of a consultation with our top immigration consultant, Ivanna Pavlenko:

"My wife and I signed up for an hour-long consultation with Ivanna. Even though we had studied quite a lot of information about the move in advance, there were many questions of both a practical and substantive nature. For all of them, Ivanna gave straightforward and honest answers, made an assessment of our chosen immigration strategy, and shared what we found to be very useful practical advice based on the experience of successful applicants to the company.

Of course, we will stick to the plan of action outlined during the consultation, as we trust the information we receive and see a mutual interest in achieving our immigration goals. We also plan to continue working with Ivanna in the future as we complete the immigration steps outlined in the consultation.

In terms of organizational issues, I would like to advise potential customers to order an hour-long consultation, because even with a proper strategy, there are a huge number of questions and nuances, and for 30 minutes you can hardly discuss them thoroughly.

Peace and good luck to all."


If you need help selecting an immigration program, book a consultation with Ivanna, our leading licensed Canadian immigration specialist.

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