Assiatance with developing a plan to immigrate to Canada - feedback on the consultation

Assiatance with developing a plan to immigrate to Canada - feedback on the consultation

"$200, $300, or even $400 is not a big deal. It's more frustrating to lose a year and find out you're applying to the wrong program".

Immigration to Canada is a dream for many, but it is not an easy process. There are more than 120 programs in the country under which you can obtain permanent residency.

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. offers legal visa and immigration services with a licensed specialist. We will review your situation, develop an immigration strategy that works best for you, and help you gather and submit the necessary documents.

The first thing to do is to book an initial consultation so that our consultant can evaluate your chances of immigration and select programs worth considering in your case.

Here is a review of the consultation with Ivanna Pavlenko:

"I'd like to say the consultation was helpful. I wrote down in advance a list of questions I wanted to ask, and most of them were answered. Some were complicated and needed more time there. Ivanna was polite, pleasant in communication, and sincerely tried to help me, to give the most effective, complete answers to my questions.

Actually half of the answers I knew and could get myself, but the price is too high — to lose a year, for example, and then find out at the end of the year that I am applying not for the right program, not for the most profitable. That would be a pity. And $200, $300, or even $400 doesn't seem like such a big deal.

The second thing is that half an hour is very short. We just started discussing a little bit, and time was up. It is better to book the whole hour. On the other hand, Ivanna suggested that if I had any minor questions, I could write an email with yes/no questions or questions to provide a link for. And I'll probably use that later.

Another of the results. I plan to apply when I have a year of experience. The second time I will need to prepare the documents, fill out forms, and so on, and see what the scores will be in a year. That is, this consultation was for the future, and it would be perfect to have another one a year, when I will have already prepared the documents, will choose the program, and consult on it. So one consultation may not be enough. Or you can discuss a plan of action, as we basically did, and apply in a year according to this plan.

In general, I am satisfied, I liked everything. The only thing is that you should not wear rose-colored glasses and still need to count the points yourself, check the programs yourself, and many of the questions to analyze and review yourself. The kind of "out of the box" you get a list of actions, you do them and you get a PR — it's hard to imagine. I understand that. I still expect to actively participate in the process and do everything myself.

Thank you, I wish you luck. I follow your project, watch all the videos, and root for you, thank you!

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