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Immigration to Canada with Ivanna Pavlenko - review for consultation

Immigration to Canada with Ivanna Pavlenko - review for consultation

"From the first minutes, I immediately realized that Ivanna is a qualified specialist."

Canada is a great country to move to. It has more than 120 immigration programs in its arsenal, and the government is trying to improve them. The locals are very loyal to newcomers because either they or their ancestors once moved to this country from abroad.

However, with all the advantages, moving to Canada is quite a complicated process, and numerous immigration programs can confuse a person who does not understand them. It is difficult to study and prepare for immigration on one's own.

Our company Reboot Your Life Services Corp. offers professional assistance with immigration and visa issues. We will analyze your situation, develop an immigration strategy and assist you with your application.

The first thing to do is to book an initial consultation, where our specialist will assess your chances of getting a permanent residence permit, will suggest options that are suitable for you, talk about the details and answer all your questions.

Below is feedback from Ekaterina, who purchased a consultation with our top immigration consultant Ivanna Pavlenko:

"Hi all, I'm Ekaterina, I'm planning my move to Canada. I decided to start with a consultation with an immigration consultant Ivanna Pavlenko.

From the first minutes, I immediately realized that Ivanna is a qualified specialist. At first, she asked the necessary questions to clarify: what is my education, family composition, field of work, and much more.

During the consultation, which lasted 60 minutes — here I would like to emphasize the 60-minute consultation, not 30 minutes because I think that in 30 minutes it's physically impossible to cover the amount of information that a consultant can give you in 60 minutes — during the entire consultation Ivanna gave a detailed description of all the different immigration programs that are suitable for my family.

We settled on the program I was interested in and, very importantly, Ivanna gave me the idea of considering some other programs. Before the counseling, I had an assessment of my immigration chances and took an English test on the Immigrant.Today website, so Ivanna already had some idea of my personality. After the consultation, I received in the email all the necessary materials for further action.

On the whole, I am very satisfied, the consultation was informative, competent, and clear. I recommend it."

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