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Targeted selection in British Columbia

Targeted selection in British Columbia

The province has again invited specialists of in-demand professions to take up residence.

On January 30, British Columbia held an immigration screening for applicants with experience in in-demand occupations in the province. Up to 199 applicants received invitations for this draw.

The selection was made up of skilled workers and international graduates, some of whom were registered in the Express Entry system. All successful applicants have occupations in the following fields:

The passing score for educators, health care workers and veterinarians remains unchanged — 60 points. Construction workers traditionally need a little more, 75 points. But the threshold score for technical specialists is the most mobile. This week it amounted to 103 points.

Last time the target selection was held on January 16, the last time invitations were sent out to technical workers. On Jan. 23, the province held a general drawing, during which it invited representatives of some of the above-mentioned in-demand professions, among others.

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