Immigration to British Columbia for international graduates

Immigration to British Columbia for international graduates

Graduates of Canada's educational institutions can immigrate through the International Graduate stream.

The International Graduate stream is for Canadian university graduates who have found work in the province of British Columbia.


There are two options for participating in the International Graduate stream:

  • for candidates who meet the requirements of one of the federal programs and have an Express Entry profile;
  • for candidates without an Express Entry profile.

You must meet the following criteria to apply for the stream:

  • have completed a study program of at least 8 months in Canada within the last 3 years and got a degree, diploma or certificate;
  • get a job offer from a B.C. employer in a skilled or trades occupation that meets A or B levels of NOC classification;
  • demonstrate the ability to support yourself and dependent family members (see below);
  • for occupations in NOC B: provide language test results with a minimum CLB 4 score.

Those who use the Express Entry option need to meet the minimum requirements of one of the three federal programs:

Candidate evaluation

B.C. uses a point scoring system to select candidates. You can score up to 190 points. The most successful candidates receive invitations. B.C. awards points for the following factors:

1. Economic factors:

  • profession in the job offer — a maximum of 50 points;
  • salary offered — a maximum of 50 points;
  • employer's location in British Columbia — a maximum of 10 points.

2. Human capital factors:

  • work experience related to the proposed position — a maximum of 25 points;
  • education — a maximum of 25 points;
  • English or French ability — a maximum of 30 points.

Candidates who have a profile in Express Entry are first evaluated on Express Entry criteria, then on B.C. criteria.

Money requirements

Applicants must demonstrate they have the means to support themselves and their family after the immigration. The amount depends on where the applicant intends to live. The amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Number of family members Greater Vancouver area The rest of the province
1 $22,804 $19,006
2 $28,390 $23,659
3 $34,902 $29,087
4 $42,376 $35,316
5 $48,062 $40,054
6 $54,205 $45,175
7 or more $60,350 $50,296

How to apply

To participate in the Skilled Immigration stream, candidates must create a profile on the B.C. provincial website, fill out their information and attach documents. If you chose the Express Entry option, you must first create a profile in the Express Entry system.


To learn about other BC provincial program streams, see "Immigration to British Columbia — Canada's provincial program (BC PNP)".

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