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Moving to Canada with an immigration expert - consultation feedback

Moving to Canada with an immigration expert - consultation feedback

"When you research information on your own, it's easy to drown in it, but Ivanna structured everything and made it so clear, it was as if the puzzle had come together."

Immigration to Canada is a demanding and often time-consuming process. Even if you have studied a lot of information on your own, you may need the help of qualified experts who will analyze your situation and find the right ways for you to obtain permanent residency. In return, you will enjoy a life in a prosperous, stable, and safe country.

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. provides turnkey visa and immigration services. Our licensed specialists will assess your chances of obtaining a permanent residence permit, develop the best immigration strategy, and help you with the paperwork.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an initial consultation. We will assess your situation, answer your questions and talk about the immigration options that are right for you.

Below is a review of a consultation with our leading expert, Ivanna Pavlenko:

"Hi everyone, my name is Polina, and this is a review of the consultation with Ivanna Pavlenko, which she literally yesterday conducted for me and my boyfriend. Let me tell you right away that we've been considering relocation for a long time. We've watched tons of videos, studied different articles, a lot of information, but still, there were some spots and quite specific questions that I couldn't find answers to. There were different options, different ways in which we could move, and we didn't fully understand which of these options would be best in our situation. So we decided not to waste time and to turn to professionals.

In fact, I was even a little bit worried that there might not be enough time or that I wouldn't get an answer to some of my questions, but the consultation was actually very cool. The information was very clear, structured, logical, and very concentrated. Ivanna didn't just give us a lecture on how to move to Canada. We had a dialog, we discussed specifically our situation and what options were available to us. That is, if an option wasn't suitable for us, Ivanna immediately said: "This option is not suitable for you, let's not waste our time on it." And that was very cool.

The information was very logical. There are a lot of programs — federal, provincial, and it's all connected somehow. And when you research this information on your own, it's easy enough to drown in it, but Ivanna somehow structured it all and made it so clear that it was as if the puzzle had come together. And you realize: ok, there is such an option, there is such an option, such pros, such cons, risks, so much money is needed here, so much here, and so on. On the whole, everything becomes clear, and this path turns from a thorny one into a straight one.

So I'm very grateful for the consultation, the answers we got to our questions, and the boost of motivation.

And this is probably a little bit of advice: if you want a consultation too, make sure you prepare for it in advance. Watch the team's videos on their YouTube channel, there is an insane amount of information there, read all the articles on their website, and then you will have a base. That is, you'll already understand how the programs work, what they are, which ones you may or may not be eligible for, and basically how the immigration process works. And then at the consultation, you can more specifically address your particular issues.

So make sure you're prepared. I have a whole notebook in which I write down everything about the relocation. I wrote down there separately all the questions for the consultation, so it was very effective and this hour of time flew by unnoticed, but with maximum benefit. So once again, Ivanna, thank you, thank you to the Immigrant.Today project, good luck with your plans, with your moves, with your consultations, and I hope to see you in Canada."

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