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Getting a permanent residence permit in Canada - consultation review

Getting a permanent residence permit in Canada - consultation review

"I really liked the tandem of Alex and Ivanna, and I had confidence in them."

Moving to Canada is an excellent choice, as the country offers more than 120 immigration programs that the government continues to improve. Canada is known for its status as a country of immigrants, but a significant amount of time and effort must be invested in learning the entire process of becoming a permanent resident before moving, making it difficult to learn on your own.

At Reboot Your Life Services Corp. we specialize in providing expert immigration and visa support. We offer professional assistance including researching your case, developing an immigration strategy, and accompanying you through the application process.

First of all, you should register for an initial consultation, where our immigration consultant will assess your chances of obtaining a permanent residence permit, suggest the most suitable program for you and explain the details.

We invite you to read a new consultation review with our top immigration specialist, Ivanna Pavlenko:

"My name is Askhat, I am from Kazakhstan. Some time ago I got very excited about moving to Canada for permanent residence. Like everyone else, I started reading about it, watching videos, in general, looking for information. After some time I decided to take action.

I found a couple of firms that offered their services. Unfortunately, the first two ones turned out to be... not scammers but they wanted to get money out of me faster, they always rushed me and told me everything without any details, and this stressed me out. Fortunately, I got away with little blood and realized that I wouldn't work with them anymore.

Then I came across the Immigrant.Today project. After watching the videos on YouTube, on Instagram, reading the information on the website, I noticed a couple of things:

  • availability of detailed information on the move;
  • you're not forced in any way to leave an advance payment or anything like that;
  • I really liked the tandem of Alex and Ivanna, and I had confidence in them;
  • from the history of the Immigrant.Today project, I learned that its founders also immigrated to Canada and are trying to help people, which is very encouraging and empowering.

Then I paid for the consultation with Ivanna, which I didn't regret one bit. What I can say about the consultation:

  • you can see the person is a pro, she knows her job;
  • she explained the points that interested me;
  • she told me how to improve my chances of moving;
  • the next day she provided a report with NOC of my profession and chances of employment in different provinces.

But most importantly, after the consultation, I clearly see for myself several ways (all of them difficult) to achieve the result, namely, to move to Canada legally for permanent residence.

About the cost of the service, of course, it's not cheap. But imagine, you are lost in a big city and you have two ways: the first one, you can look for the right place yourself and it will take you 4 hours, and the second way is to pay a guide and get to the right place by car in an hour.

Everyone is their own boss, but for myself, I firmly decided that I will move. So, see you in Canada:)))

Regards, Askhat".

If you need help choosing an immigration program, please book an individual consultation with one of our Canadian immigration experts.

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