One city in Canada cancels the mask regime

One city in Canada cancels the mask regime

Thus, it will remove all coronavirus restrictions.

The city of Edmonton, Alberta is going to eliminate mandatory mask-wearing on July 1. The new rule was supported by 7 councillors to 6 in a closed vote held May 25. The repeal of the mask rule will coincide with Alberta moving into the third phase of the restriction removal plan.

Some of the officials who have spoken out against it cite residents' concerns about the quick removal of restrictions, and possible conflicts with employers who would like to keep businesses safe. They are also urging residents to continue wearing masks. In the rest of the province's cities, mask-wearing will remain mandatory in places such as public transport or city buildings during the third phase of the opening.

That said, if the province experiences a spike in disease that forces the region back to phase one or phase two, Edmonton's masked regime will go back into effect.

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