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Assault with a firearm at Edmonton City Hall

Assault with a firearm at Edmonton City Hall

The government building is closed until police can guarantee security.

On Tuesday morning, around 10:25 a.m. local time, a disturbing event occurred at Edmonton (Alberta) City Hall as an armed man opened fire and set a fire. The city's police chief, Dale McFee, confirmed that the suspect was armed with a long-barreled handgun and threw a Molotov cocktail, causing a small fire. The attacker acted alone and the community is no longer in danger.

Details of the incident

Police officers responded quickly to reports of gunfire and managed to apprehend an adult male. Eyewitnesses reported the sound of gunshots during an online broadcast of an Emergency Advisory Committee meeting. Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, Councillors Jo-Anne Wright and Aaron Paquette, and a group of school children were present in the building at the time.

The attacker's motives remain unclear, his identity has not been released and possible charges will be laid at a later date. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith thanked police for their quick response. Edmonton City Hall is temporarily closed to the public and meetings scheduled for Wednesday have been postponed.

Safety measures

City Manager Andre Corbould said City Hall will be open after security is in place. City employees who need assistance are already receiving it through a special program.

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