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Top 7 most reliable immigration programs to Canada

Top 7 most reliable immigration programs to Canada

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There are more than 120 immigration programs in Canada, and some of them are more reliable than others. Earlier I told you about the riskiest programs. They had rejections ranging from 10% to 70%. Today I'm going to describe the programs that, conversely, had the most approvals in 2021. To avoid going through the whole list — it's a long one — I'll focus on the ones that had at least 500 applications and I won't talk about refugees.

So, the top 7 most reliable immigration programs to Canada, which had the least refusals.

Sponsoring relatives

The seventh highest-ranking program is sponsoring parents and grandparents. 93% of applications were approved. This pathway is suitable for those who have children or grandchildren with permanent residency and citizenship in Canada.

Provincial programs

In sixth place are provincial programs that are not processed through Express Entry. More than 95% of Canadian immigration applications were approved. Provincial programs are good because the requirements for applicants to move to Canada are usually lower in language, age, and education.

Federal Skilled Worker

Approximately the same approval rate was for those who applied for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Here everything is clear, you must be young, smart, with good knowledge of languages to be selected. So it is possible to prepare the documents correctly.

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