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English to B2 Level in 3 Months Online

English to B2 Level in 3 Months Online

An Effective Way to Learn a Language with Canadian Teachers.

Is it really possible to learn a language to a confident level in just 3 months? If you only study with a tutor a couple of times a week or on your own, then probably not.

But if you enroll in an intensive course at the Canadian language school ILAC, then the impossible becomes possible!

Our client Marina needed to improve her language skills to start studying at a Canadian university. According to her, her level was somewhere between A2 and B1, which is insufficient for studying in English. The college gifted Marina 12 weeks of English at ILAC through the University Pathway program.

Now, Marina is already in Canada, and we met with her to learn about her experience.

Read more about Marina's studies at a Canadian university and her life in Canada in a separate article.

How ILAC Differs from Other Schools and Tutors

Marina had been trying to learn English for a long time—she had been tutored by various people since childhood, but never achieved a good level.

At ILAC, the teaching approach is different from that in CIS countries. Marina enrolled in an intensive program: 5 times a week for 3 hours a day. The classes are entirely online, and students from all over the world participate. Every 2 weeks, students undergo testing.

“The school is strong, it significantly improved my level,” Marina shares.

There were about 20 people in Marina's group from different countries, and sometimes the group changed because some students moved up to the next level. The class times can be chosen from available slots.

“I chose a group that started after my work in the evening, so I worked during the day and studied English in the group for 3 hours in the evening,” Marina says.

According to Marina, ILAC also assigns a lot of homework, which needs to be taken seriously.

“I could do homework until one or two in the morning, then go to bed and head to work the next day,” Marina recalls. “But I had a goal, so I kept working towards it.”

She admits that it was tough for both her and her husband, who had to take on all household chores and care for their dog. But the couple was very motivated to move to Canada. Progress was noticeable in every lesson.

Exams at ILAC

Exams at ILAC are something between the IELTS and TOEFL language tests. The exam includes:

  • Writing: describing a graph or diagram and writing an essay;
  • Reading: three texts with questions to answer;
  • Listening: listening to short conversations and an academic lecture and answering questions;
  • There is no speaking part in the test; speaking skills are assessed during classes.

Each part has a set time limit.

Marina had taken the IELTS language test before, but she found it more challenging and stressful than the ILAC exams.

“Even when you take an exam, you naturally worry, but it's not as stressful as the real IELTS,” Marina says about the ILAC exams.

Another advantage of ILAC tests is their frequency. During her 12 weeks of study, Marina took 6 exams. This helps students stay on their toes and continuously practice, feeling more confident with each exam.

What Else is Important in Learning

Besides taking exams, it is very important to be active in classes and participate in discussions to practice speaking and listening skills. Marina needed exactly 12 weeks to pass the internal ILAC test with the required score, but there were people in her group who were not active in classes and stayed at the same level for a long time.

If you want to effectively learn English with Canadian teachers, sign up for classes at ILAC. ILAC offers flexible learning options—3 to 15 hours a week online, as well as in-person classes in Toronto and Vancouver.

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