Death as a right... or as an escape?

Death as a right... or as an escape?

Canadians have different attitudes toward euthanasia. Not everyone is convinced that it is a good thing.

In June 2016, Canada officially enacted a law allowing medical assistance in dying (MAiD, euthanasia) for adults who self-consent with informed consent. It is thought to be a humane measure that should help terminally ill Canadians alleviate their suffering.

However, not everyone is convinced that assisted dying is really only used when the patient's suffering is related to an incurable disease or excruciating pain. Recall that Canada is one of the few countries where abortion is possible before birth, i.e., all nine months, and not everyone is happy about that either. Canadians recently once again came out to rally against abortion.

There are already cases of people resorting to euthanasia who, because of their illness, cannot provide themselves with an acceptable standard of living, do not have housing and do not have the means for medical treatment. Critics of the law insist that this is due to the Canadian government's unwillingness to pay attention to the problems of the poor, and that the country profits from the voluntary deaths of its citizens: according to a report by the Parliamentary Office of the Budget last year alone, more than 6,000 patients who underwent euthanasia helped save about $100 million CAD, and this figure is expected to grow.

In addition, it is now known that the MAiD law will continue to evolve — in the view of many — far from being a good thing. There is fierce debate as to whether a minor can receive help in death and what parameters of body and personality development affect this. Another stumbling block is the issue of euthanasia for the mentally ill. Amendment C-7, scheduled for adoption in 2023, implies that not only an incurable physical ailment, but also a mental ailment may be considered as a permissible reason for euthanasia.

It is hard to say whether relaxing the rules and requirements for euthanasia will be an opportunity for desperate people to escape the misery of a painful termination and exercise their natural right. Many believe it is more likely to lead to an increase in "legalized" murders.

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