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Canada welcomes professionals with transportation experience

Canada welcomes professionals with transportation experience

Selections are expected this week on the Express Entry system.

Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marc Miller said the first round of invitations in Express Entry system for transportation professionals will be sent out this week. Authorities expect the increased focus on candidates with experience in the sector will help to attract the skilled talent needed across the country. The official statement emphasizes that commercial truck drivers, pilots and aircraft assemblers are especially expected in Canada.

These changes to Express Entry were first announced back on May 31, at which time previous Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser announced the launch of category-based selection: a new process for granting Permanent Residency to qualified newcomers with experience in priority jobs. At that time, the list of categories was also defined:

Canada's Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez paid special attention to the upcoming selection:

"The transportation sector is crucial to our economy, and if we want to keep things moving, we need to invest in the people that move travellers and transport our goods. With this new initiative, we are helping address a critical skills shortage while also attracting new, talented people to communities across Canada. Truck drivers, pilots, aviation mechanical engineers and seafarers play a critical role in our economy and Canadians’ lives. Filling vacancies in these professions will boost economic growth and create stronger and more resilient supply chains."

These new categorized selection rounds will continue throughout the year along with the regular draws for all candidates. We will keep an eye on them, and you can see the entire history of Express Entry selections, including the required number of points on our website. This is currently one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada.

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