Manitoba continues major immigration draws

Manitoba continues major immigration draws

The province selected candidates in a general drawing, and also applicants with in-demand professions.

On March 9, Manitoba's new draw under the provincial immigration program. 597 people were invited.

Candidates from several streams participated in this drawing:

Separately, skilled workers in Manitoba with certain occupations were selected. There were 224 such candidates with a minimum score of 612. The following professionals were invited:

This is the second targeted draw in Manitoba. According to the provincial government, such draws will now be held in conjunction with general draws to retain in-demand professionals already working in the region.

Of all the selected candidates, 45 were federally registered Express Entry.

Compared to the last drawing, which took place on February 23, the passing score for skilled workers overseas is down quite a bit. The score is also down for skilled workers in Manitoba in the general draw. The province accrues points for experience, age, language skills, education, connections to the province and other parts of Canada.

Follow Manitoba's draw history for up-to-date information on passing scores and the number of invitations issued.

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