Immigration to Manitoba - Provincial Program of Canada (MPNP)

Immigration to Manitoba - Provincial Program of Canada (MPNP)

Manitoba's provincial program offers permanent residency to professionals with work experience, provincial graduates, and entrepreneurs.

The province of Manitoba is located in central Canada. It is bordered on the east by Ontario, on the west by Saskatchewan and on the south by the United States (North Dakota and Minnesota). Manitoba is home to about 1.3 million people. The capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg, is a major railroad and transportation hub in Canada. The city is also known for its many annual festivals.

Applicants who do not score the required points for immigration to Canada through the federal program can try to immigrate through one of the 11 provincial programs. They are suitable for a wide range of occupations. These programs are also interesting for those who plan to live and work in a particular province or territory.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) includes several streams.

Skilled Workers

Qualified professionals can immigrate to Manitoba through one of two streams:

International Education

Graduates can choose one of three streams:

Business Investor

The category of entrepreneurs includes two streams:

  • Entrepreneur stream is for candidates who are planning to start a business in Manitoba;
  • Farm Investor stream is for entrepreneurs who are planning to go into farming business in rural areas of the province.

Other ways to immigrate to Manitoba

The city of Morden, in southern Manitoba, has its own municipal immigration program for foreign professionals and entrepreneurs — the Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative.

By choosing one of the streams, you can get permanent residency in Canada and Canadian citizenship after three years of permanent residency.

To increase your chances of being invited to apply for a Manitoba nomination, we recommend keeping an eye on history of passing scores and number of invitations.

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