Immigration to Manitoba through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream

Immigration to Manitoba through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream

Candidates with close ties to the province of Manitoba can immigrate through the provincial Skilled Workers Overseas stream.

The Skilled Workers Overseas stream of Manitoba’s provincial program is for those who have a close connection to the province, such as a job, completed education at a Manitoba university, or a relative or friend who lives in Manitoba. Those who have received an invitation from the provincial program representatives are also eligible.


To apply for the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 from the points table (see below);
  • demonstrate ties with Manitoba;
  • for NOC C and D occupations: provide language test results with a minimum score of 4 on the Canadian CLB scale;
  • provide a Settlement Plan in which demonstrate your intention to live and work permanently in Manitoba.

Manitoba considers candidates who have connections to the province. These might be:

  • relative (sibling, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, parent, grandparent) or friend who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and has lived in Manitoba for at least one year;
  • 6 months or more of experience in Manitoba on a temporary work permit and a letter of recommendation from the employer;
  • graduation from an educational institution in Manitoba;
  • invitation from Manitoba received at a recruitment mission organized by immigration program representatives;
  • invitation received during an exploratory visit to Manitoba organized by immigration program representatives.

Those who wish to attend a recruitment mission or take an exploratory visit must meet additional requirements:

  • be from 21 to 45 years of age;
  • have no close ties to another Canadian province or territory;
  • be a professional whom Manitoba employers may be interested in;
  • provide a diploma of completion of a minimum 1-year academic program;
  • have at least 2 years of work experience within the past 5 years and demonstrate the ability to find work in the same occupation in Manitoba;
  • provide language test results with a minimum score of CLB 5.

Evaluation of candidates

To be considered, applicants must score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the following criteria:

Criterion Points
Language skills (maximum 25)
CLB level 8 or higher 20
CLB 7 18
CLB 6 16
CLB 5 14
CLB 4 12
CLB 3 or lower 0
Knowledge of the second official language at CLB level 5 or above 5
Age (maximum 10)
18 4
19 6
20 8
21 to 45 10
46 8
47 6
48 4
49 2
50 and older 0
Work experience (maximum 15)
Less than 1 year 0
1 year 8
2 years 10
3 years 12
4 years or more 15
Education (maximum 25)
Master's or PhD degree 25
Two educations in 2-year or more academic programs 23
One education in a 2-year or more academic program 20
Education in a 1-year academic program 14
Trades Certificate 14
No post-secondary education 0
Ties to province (maximum 25)
Close relative in Manitoba 20
Invitation from Manitoba 20
Previous work experience in Manitoba (6 months or more) 12
Completion of a 2-year or more academic program in Manitoba 12
Completion of a 1-year academic program in Manitoba 10
Friend or distant relative in Manitoba 10
Additional points for ties to an area outside the city of Winnipeg 5

The candidate is then evaluated using an Expression of Interest (EOI) system, where points are awarded based on other criteria. This EOI system is similar to how the province evaluates candidates for the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream.

How to apply

Candidates who wish to immigrate through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream must create an account on the provincial website.


To learn about other Manitoba provincial program streams, see "Immigration to Manitoba — Canada's Provincial Program (MPNP)".

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