Protests of immigrants in Canada and other news

Protests of immigrants in Canada and other news

The most important events of the last week of January.

Canadian scientists made a breakthrough in treating brain cancer in children. The doctors were able to use ultrasound to deliver drugs into the brain stem, which was previously impossible. The first surgery has already been performed. According to scientists, this method can also be used in the treatment of other diseases.

In Canada, the key interest rate rose again. It is now 4.5%, the highest rate in 15 years. The increase should slow down inflation, but it will hurt home buyers and renters. The Bank of Canada promises the rate will not rise again.

Despite rising rates, Canadians are actively using credit cards. The country compiled a ranking of credit cards for 2023. The Tangerine Money-Back card ranks first. It has free service and good cashback.

Wages and benefits in Canada

Ontario residents can get a payout of up to $10,000 CAD for energy-efficient upgrades to their own or rented homes. The money is available for home insulation, replacement windows, doors, heat pumps and thermostats, waterproofing, and dozens of other jobs.

How much can you earn in Canada? On average, residents earn $1,180 CAD per week, but amounts vary by region and occupation. We publish statistics for different industries and provinces.

Parks Canada, an agency that manages national parks, preserves, and historic sites, is looking for summer employees with wages up to $30 CAD an hour. The organization has more than 100 different jobs.

Canada in the rankings

Canadian metropolitan areas attract not only immigrants but also tourists. 5  major Canadian cities are among the top places that disappoint travelers. These are Quebec City, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Between 8% and 11% of tourists say these cities are overrated.

But Canada ranks second among the most popular countries for emigration. In addition, the number of people who want to move to Canada rather than the US has risen significantly in recent years.

Affordable immigration to Canada

The requirements for the Rural and Northern Immigration Program changed. Applicants now need to show only $2,290 CAD for a person and $4,256 CAD for a family of 4 in their bank accounts. Previously, more than $9,000 CAD per applicant was required.

Canada is ready to issue permanent residency to illegal migrants who work on construction sites in Toronto. They are mostly people whose visas have expired but who have stayed in the country. 1,000 people will be able to get legal status. Applications are accepted until January 2, 2024.

It became known that in 2022, Canada had met the goal of welcoming 4.4% French-speaking immigrants of the total number of newcomers outside of Quebec. That's nearly 42,500 immigrants with knowledge of French. Such candidates are a priority for Canada, so learning French is a good way to improve your chances of permanent residency.

In Manitoba, international students and workers protested demanding a change in the provincial immigration program. They believe the passing scores in draws are too high. In addition, Manitoba deducts a significant number of points if a candidate previously studied or worked in another province of Canada.

After only 3 years of living in Canada as a permanent resident, you can get citizenship. In 2023, passports are promised to be issued without delay. Many faced long waits last year, and the government is trying to improve the situation.

Immigration draws

On January 24, British Columbia held two draws. One was for skilled workers, entry-level and semi-skilled workers, and international graduates. 275 invitations were sent in the draw. Entrepreneurs received another 10 invitations.

On the same day, there were draws in Ontario. The region selected 620 international students and 2 foreign workers among skilled refugees. The next day, the province held one more draw, this time for masters graduates. The number of invitations was 692. Then, on January 27, there was a round of invitations for entrepreneurs. 10 candidates were selected.

On January 26, there was a draw in Manitoba. The province selected 336 people among skilled workers in Manitoba, skilled workers overseas, and international graduates.  And on January 30, the province selected 21 people among applicants from Ukraine.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the emigration portal Immigrant.Today

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