Top 15 in-demand occupations in Canada in 2023

Top 15 in-demand occupations in Canada in 2023

If you have one of these occupations, think about moving to Canada!

Canada is constantly evolving, and things are constantly changing. The only thing that remains unchanged is the shortage of workers. There are more and more open jobs in the country, and the government is constantly taking different measures to solve this problem, including at the expense of immigrants.

I will name 15 occupations that will be the most in demand this year, according to a report by Randstad. It is a large company with 5,000 branches around the world, employing over 650,000 people. So I personally trust this report. I will also tell you how much such specialists earn.

Top 15

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The 15th spot is taken by construction managers. That is not surprising at all. Canada wants to invite a lot of immigrants, and they need to build more houses. Therefore, the country needs specialists who can manage all the construction processes. By the way, representatives of this profession are needed not only in the construction of houses but also in the construction of public institutions and other infrastructures.

According to preliminary projections, the country needs 90,000 construction managers. As for wages, you can expect to be paid between $60,000 and $150,000 CAD, which is certainly impressive. Let me say right off the bat that wages are before taxes.

In 14th place are digital marketing coordinators. They work with the marketing department of the company, make sure that the necessary requirements are met, and attract customers to the business. Of course, you have to keep up with current trends in your field. In general, you will have to do everything related to advertising. Assist managers and the marketing director in creating advertisements, collect various data and keep track of other companies' advertisements to stay ahead of the competition and do better.

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