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New Brunswick once again invites professionals to a job fair

New Brunswick once again invites professionals to a job fair

Another event where you can find jobs in the province for immigration.

New job fair and information session in the province of New Brunswick! A variety of professionals are welcome at the events this October, and it's a great chance to find a job in New Brunswick and immigrate to the province.

Both events will take place from October 26 to 30 in São Paulo, Brazil. The job fair is only open to candidates who are resident in the country, while the information session is open to people from any country.

Requirements for candidates

Both events require at least one year of experience in an eligible occupation and a prepared Canadian-format CV. Those wishing to apply fill out an application form on the New Brunswick website, and provincial representatives will review all applications and contact the most suitable candidates. Selected applicants will receive an invitation to the event and be informed of the exact time and location.

Your chances of receiving an invitation may increase significantly if you have already obtained an educational credentials assessment and passed a language test. In addition, having relatives in New Brunswick increases your chances.

You can register for a job fair or information session with your spouse regardless of their profession.

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