Fourth draw in a week in Ontario

Fourth draw in a week in Ontario

615 more invitations!

On March 16, the province of Ontario held another draw for the provincial immigration program candidates. The drawing was for French-speaking foreign workers with certain occupations.

To apply for this stream, you must be registered in Express Entry and have a good command of English and French.

344 invitations went to candidates with occupations in healthcare, education, and finance. They needed to score between 400 and 489 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The region sent another 271 invitations to representatives of tech, trades, and other priority occupations who scored between 291 and 489 points.

For a list of eligible occupations for this draw, see Ontario's official website.

This year is the first draw for French-speaking foreign workers. The last draw was held on December 13, 2022. Earlier this week, the province of Ontario hosted rounds of invitations for international students and foreign workers.

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