What pisses off an immigrant in Canada?

What pisses off an immigrant in Canada?

I'm going to tell you about the 10 downsides of Canada.

I've been living in Canada for six years, I generally like everything, and I'm used to a lot of things. But there are still things that annoy me.

Immigrants come to Canada for a reason. Some come here for high wages, some for good education, and some are fleeing war. And some simply dream of living in a country from pictures on the Internet, with beautiful mountains, lakes, and developed metropolitans. However, disappointment can set in at the moment of applying for immigration, because the process of moving is not quick, but I'll get back to that later.

When you move to Canada, you come to a different country with different rules and mentality. Here, people live differently from what you are used to in your home country. For example, some people may find the friendliness and smile of Canadians fake, and that can be annoying. I'm quite happy with people smiling, I do it myself, and it's not fake at all.

Cost of living

Let me tell you what annoys me personally. Like many newcomers, I don't like the high prices, cost of living, and taxes. It is expensive to live in Canada. Of course, not in all cities — somewhere it’s cheaper, somewhere it’s more expensive. But for immigrants, the difference with their homeland is noticeable.

Real estate prices have recently risen even more. We bought a house with a pool in Montreal suburbs for $410,000 CAD in 2016, and it costs twice as much in 2022. The higher the prices, the higher the loan payments. Insurance and property taxes are also high. If you are just coming to Canada, rental prices will definitely upset you.

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