Temporary jobs for foreigners in Canada

Temporary jobs for foreigners in Canada

If you thought temporary work in Canada was just summertime farm work, you were wrong.

Canada has a Temporary Foreign Worker program. Under this program, a Canadian employer can not only hire you temporarily but also make you a job offer to apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry system or one of the provincial immigration programs. In some programs only having a work contract is sufficient, while others require you to work for some time, such as 1 year.

The Temporary Foreign Worker program is divided into several streams:

Agricultural stream

Under this stream, Canadian employers can hire foreign workers for a maximum work period of up to 3 years when they cannot find a suitable Canadian or resident.

The temporary foreign worker can be from any country. The employer's activities must be directly related to agriculture, i.e:

  • work duties must be performed within the boundaries of the farm, nursery, or greenhouse, and must also include the operation of farm equipment;
  • or the care, breeding, or another handling of animals, other than fish, to obtain raw animal products for the market;
  • or collection, processing, and other manipulation performed on plants for their subsequent sale.

This stream needs managers in agriculture, managers in horticulture, farmers in livestock and crop production, landscaping specialists, nursery and greenhouse workers, and harvesting equipment workers. For employment, you must find an employer and get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), and then get a work permit. The requirements for experience, education, and knowledge of English or French depend on the specific occupation.

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