Canadian medicine: the horrors and delights

Canadian medicine: the horrors and delights

Two controversial facts about Canada: 1. Canadian medicine is the best in the world according to U.S. News & World Report. 2. Many immigrants prefer to be treated at home, in Russia or Ukraine. What's the point?

What is so special about Canadian medicine that makes it so high-quality — and at the same time so "creepy" for many of our compatriots?

Health care in Canada is free — just like in Russia, right? Not really, it has its own peculiarities. Basic and vital procedures are free, but dentistry and vision problems are not. Dentistry is an immigrant's nightmare in general, and not only when you come to Canada. Dentists are the richest people in Canada, the U.S. and many European countries for a reason.

The Canadian medical system does not pay for medicines — you have to buy them yourself. However, there are exceptions for people whose treatment is covered by work insurance or "health benefits" from their employer. If you're lucky enough to have a job, not only will you get free medication, but you may even get your dental care reimbursed!

Another unusual feature of Canadian medicine is family doctors, the equivalent of general practitioners or general practitioners. These guys are hard to find, easy to lose, and, most importantly, you have to plan a visit to them well in advance. Family doctors are always in short supply, especially the good and experienced ones. They always have hundreds of clients and it's harder to get an appointment than it is to live to see them, which can be in five weeks.

Of course, there are less experienced professionals who do not have a waiting list, but when it comes to health, you want to know the most authoritative opinion!

This is why many Canadians not only wait for weeks for an appointment, but also travel dozens or even hundreds of kilometers to see a doctor. This system is not to everyone's liking, especially for immigrants who are used to getting a same-day medical appointment for money.

However, there are also regular clinics in Canada where you can see the right specialist without an appointment. As a rule, these specialists are young and inexperienced medical graduates, so most Canadians tend to see family doctors. But if you do not need a serious examination, and the problem is minor, doctors from clinics may write you a prescription or give you a consultation. In such cases, there is no point in waiting for the family luminary to see you.

And most importantly, if you need urgent surgery for medical reasons or just suddenly feel sick, you don't have to wait weeks. Canadian medicine always finds time for urgent patients. You will be immediately referred to the right specialists and have all the necessary procedures done. It's free!

So don't rush to buy a ticket back home if you have a pain in your side. They probably know how to handle it in Canada, too.

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