Immigrating to Canada through education

Immigrating to Canada through education

You can study at a Canadian university for 1-3 years and then stay in the country for permanent residence.

The process of immigrating to Canada under the regular federal or provincial programs is long and difficult. In addition, not everyone has enough points to complete it successfully. There is a way out — study in Canada and subsequent employment, and then obtaining permanent residency.

General requirements

You can enter a Canadian university or college at any age. As a rule, there are no entrance exams. If you have a complete secondary education or any higher education, you can apply to a college or university. There is no fundamental difference in where to enter.

Language test

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For admission, you must have the results of a language test. Usually, it is IELTS in English or TCF in French. Requirements may vary, but as a rule, the results must be at least IELTS 6.0.

Language tests should not scare you, as there are many exam preparation courses. You can take ones in your country, in Canada, or online with Canadian teachers. For example, at the ILAC language school, our partner, there is a special University Pathway Program, which is an English course for preparing for admission.

There are several ways to avoid taking the language exam. At colleges, you can find language centers that make it possible to enter without IELTS. Another option is to study online at ILAC, after which you can be enrolled in hundreds of partner universities and colleges without IELTS.

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