Why are migrants dissatisfied, ease of entry into Canada and other news

Why are migrants dissatisfied, ease of entry into Canada and other news

The most important events of the week from September 19 to 25.

The Canadian province of New Brunswick published a list of candidates it is most interested in. Immigration applications from them will be processed on a priority basis. The region preferred French-speaking applicants, provincial university graduates, and candidates with 12 IT and healthcare occupations. Applications from other candidates are also accepted, but processing may take longer.

And the province of Alberta chose a different way. The region's authorities for the second time launched an advertising campaign to lure professionals from Toronto and Vancouver. For advertising, Alberta uses its advantages, such as cheaper housing, lower cost of living, high wages, career opportunities, and low taxes. The government reports that the first advertising campaign generated a lot of interest.

Jobs and wage growth

Not all immigrants are happy with living in Canada. Rallies were held across the country, with the purpose to call on the government to grant permanent residence status to undocumented migrants. The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change believes that absolutely all migrant workers, refugees, and undocumented people must obtain legal status in order to maintain equality. The authorities say they are working on a program that would allow this to happen.

Saskatchewan, one of the unpopular provinces in Canada, is experiencing a real economic boom. For several months in a row, it has been a leader in economic growth and career opportunities. In August, Saskatchewan had over 580,000 workplaces, with the unemployment rate being one of the lowest in the country. The reason is the rise in commodity prices.

By the way, wages in Canada are growing in all regions. The average wage is now $1,195 CAD per week. Apart from the northern territories, the highest incomes are in Alberta, 1,257 dollars per week, as well as in Ontario, $1,179 CAD, and British Columbia, $1,165 CAD.

Immigration to Canada

Soon it will be easier to enter Canada. Starting October 1, the government eliminates vaccination requirements at the border and random tests for COVID-19 at airports, and the use of the governmental ArriveCAN app will become optional. While the changes have not been adopted yet, the government is under pressure from touristic companies and airlines because the strict measures scare away tourists.

You need to know English well to immigrate to Canada. Our partner, ILAC language school, recognized as the best language school in Toronto, announced a price change. Until the end of September, there is a promotion: when booking 8 weeks or more of online full-time studying, that is, 5 days a week for 3 hours a day, one week costs 100 Canadian dollars. Starting October 1, the price will be 110 dollars. You can still sign up at a promotional price, the link is below the video.

And we talked about how IT professionals can immigrate to Canada. The way to Canada is open for these specialists, and often they are even a priority. In the article, you will learn about specific immigration programs that are suitable for IT workers and options to get a job in Canada.

Immigration draws

During the week, two provinces held draws and invited more than 1,500 people in total.

On September 20, the province of Ontario issued 823 invitations to candidates who graduated from a provincial university and obtained a master's degree. The passing score, as always, was quite low. A few days later, on September 23, the region held another draw, this time for French-speaking skilled workers, and selected 363 candidates. In addition to French proficiency, they were required to have an in-demand IT or healthcare occupation.

On September 21, a draw took place in British Columbia. The region selected 357 professionals in two draws. Most of the invitations were sent to skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and university graduates. Another part of the invitations went to childhood educators and healthcare professionals.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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