Canada to be flooded with immigrants, Canadians against the king and other news

Canada to be flooded with immigrants, Canadians against the king and other news

Immigrants will dominate Canada's population, Canadians are against the king, a new vaccine for babies is approved in the country.

The immigration system

The government continues to modernize the immigration system. A new application for applying for refugee status appeared. Through the app, asylum claimants will be able to communicate directly with the Department of Immigration staff, as well as track their application status. So far, the innovation is available only to those who are already in Canada.

Soon, e-applications will also be available for most immigration programs. From September 23 to October 28, Canada will be moving to online applications for provincial immigration programs, family sponsorship programs, Self-Employed Persons Program, Start-up Visa, Home Childcare Provider and Home Support Worker programs, Atlantic Immigration Program, Agri-Food Pilot, and Rural and Northern Pilot.

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The province of Quebec declares its interest in immigrants. A major political party in the region has set a target of 60,000-80,000 newcomers per year. The party also proposed an immigration model that would include the establishment of reception centers throughout the province, educating immigrants about the culture of Quebec and monetary compensation for flights.

An interesting statistic. Statistics Canada predicts that by 2041, immigrants and their descendants born in Canada could make up more than half of the country's population. Other parameters show that 23 to 29% of the total population will be natives of Asia and Africa. Now citizens of India and China dominate among Canadian immigrants.

Support for Canadians

The Government of Canada is again working to improve the quality of life of the population. The Prime Minister announced new support measures due to inflation. These will include the assistance of $650 CAD per year for pediatric dentist coverage, $500 CAD of one-time rental support, and up to $600 CAD tax credit. Each type of assistance is intended for residents with an income below a certain amount.

Canadians are also not indifferent. A Canadian centenarian knitted 100 baby hats for her 100th birthday, which will be donated to needy children. The pensioner has been knitting clothes and hats for charity for 30 years. Many of her products are sent to developing countries, but the new batch will remain in Canada. The needlewoman is already planning to knit 101 hats for her next birthday.

If you don't count on assistance, but want to make good money in Canada yourself, we published an article about 10 occupations with the highest salaries in 2022. Most of these professionals can earn more than $100,000 CAD a year.

By the way, for those considering a job in Canada, there is a new opportunity to find employment. In November, the annual virtual mobility forum will take place, which allows you to find a Canadian employer. Participation is free, but you need to know French. There are some other requirements, it is enough to meet one of them. This is an in-demand occupation, a profile in the Express Entry system, an already obtained Work Holiday visa to Canada, or eligibility under one of the immigration programs.

Vaccination and monarchy in Canada

Other important news. Canada approved a vaccine for children aged 6 months to 4 years. According to Health Canada, clinical trials have shown that the benefits of the drug outweigh the possible risks. Deliveries across the country should begin soon, but there is no talk of mandatory vaccinations for kids.

Canadians are against the monarchy in the country. As a former British colony, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and is governed by the British monarch. A recent survey showed that 51% of the Canadian population no longer wants such a government, and this figure is growing every year. Only 26% of Canadians support the monarchy, the rest found it difficult to answer. Residents believe that the monarchy is outdated, has nothing to do with the government of Canada, and that the country shouldn't be ruled by a king or queen of another state.

The dislike of the monarchy is especially strong in Quebec, where 71% of the population spoke out against it, and 87% said they had no attachment to the royal family. Indigenous peoples are also hostile. Some of them believe that the deceased Queen and her predecessors are responsible for the genocide of indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world.

Immigration draws

Over the week, there were both federal and provincial draws. In total, about 4,500 people were invited.

On September 13, a draw took place in the province of British Columbia. The region sent out 300 invitations to skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, international graduates of Canadian universities, as well as workers in in-demand occupations. These are childhood educators, healthcare specialists, and veterinarians.

On September 14, Canada held an Express Entry draw under all federal programs. 3,250 candidates received invitations, and the passing score continues to decrease every time.

On September 15, a draw was held in Saskatchewan. The province selected 326 candidates with in-demand jobs such as welders, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, and locksmiths. Some of them were registered in the Express Entry system.

On the same day, Prince Edward Island had a draw. The region sent out 147 invitations. Most of them were intended for skilled workers and international graduates of universities in the province, and some were sent to entrepreneurs.

And in Manitoba, two draws took place — on September 14 and 15. On the first day, the province selected 9 citizens of Ukraine who had some connections to Manitoba. On the second day, 436 candidates were invited under the streams for skilled workers in Manitoba, skilled workers overseas, and international graduates.

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