Manitoba immigration raffle held on April 21

Manitoba immigration raffle held on April 21

The province invited candidates in three streams.

303 people received invitations to apply for nominations from the province of Manitoba. The Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream sent out 201 invitations, the Skilled Workers Overseas stream sent out 61.

The second stream invited either candidates with the right skills and licenses for the province, or those registered in Express Entry. Of the 303 people invited, 46 had previously been registered in the Express Entry pool system. They provided their valid Express Entry ID and confirmation code.

The minimum score for candidates in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream was 707 in this selection. For the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, the minimum score was 708.

International alumni received 41 invitations as part of an international educational stream.

The previous selection for these three streams was April 7. April 11 Manitoba held a special selection for Ukrainians. You can read the history of the selections since August 2020 in a separate article.

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