B.C. has a new selection process for IT professionals

B.C. has a new selection process for IT professionals

The passing score went up again.

On October 19, British Columbia sent 85 invitations under the provincial immigration program. Luck favored candidates in the Technical Program, which is designed for IT workers.

The drawing was held among the following categories:

The minimum passing score in all categories was 75 — up 5 points from the previous selection held on October 5.

To participate in the Technical Immigration Program, applicants must register with one of British Columbia's immigration streams and receive a job offer in one of 29 eligible occupations. They are also assessed on a number of factors: level of education, language skills, work experience and availability of a job offer.

To maximize your chances of receiving an invitation from BC, we recommend keeping an eye on history of pass scores and number of invitations.

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