B.C.'s new selection process for I.T. workers


The province continues to give priority to technical professions.

On June 29, the British Columbia Provincial Program issued 52 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination. The selection was for the Technical Program, which is for IT workers.

The drawing was held among the following categories:

The minimum passing score in all categories was 80 — unchanged from the previous selection held on June 15.

To participate in the Technical Immigration Program, applicants must register with one of BC's immigration streams and have a valid job offer in one of 29 eligible occupations.

Applicants are assessed and scored to determine whether they are eligible to apply for this round. The evaluation is based on a number of factors: education level, language skills, work experience and availability of a job offer.

To maximize your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a nomination from BC, we recommend keeping an eye on history of passing scores and number of invitations.

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