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University Pathway Program from ILAC: Entering University Without a Language Test

University Pathway Program from ILAC: Entering University Without a Language Test

We're here to tell you about an English language preparation program that will serve as your gateway to educational institutions in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

One of the mandatory requirements for admission to a Canadian college or university is proficiency in a foreign language. Some Canadian institutions offer education in French, but the more popular language for teaching international students remains English.

To confirm their knowledge of English, prospective students must take an international language proficiency test. The most well-known test today is the IELTS, but other widely accepted tests include TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test. It's important to check in advance which tests are accepted by the specific institution and the required scores, as these vary from one institution to another.

However, for many, taking a language test can be very stressful due to doubts about their knowledge and the fear of failing a test that usually costs a lot of money.

As a result, many candidates aspiring to study abroad often wonder: is it possible to get admitted without taking a language test?

Fortunately, such an option is available. Many universities state that instead of a language test, they can accept a certificate from a language program at a partner institution. One such institution is the Canadian Academy ILAC, which offers the University Pathway program for those who want to improve their academic English and gain admission to a foreign university without taking a language test.

ILAC's University Pathway Program

University Pathway at ILAC

ILAC (International Language Academy of Canada) partners with over a hundred universities and colleges in Canada and collaborates with several institutions in the USA and Europe. ILAC has developed a special language program called University Pathway, designed to prepare students for admission to foreign universities. After completing this program, students do not need to take any additional language tests.

The University Pathway program is suitable for those preparing for both undergraduate and master's degrees. It is specifically designed to develop all the academic language skills needed for university studies:

  • written and spoken English;
  • critical thinking skills;
  • research skills;
  • essay writing;
  • preparing presentations in English.

Duration of University Pathway Program

Study at University Pathway

The University Pathway program is suitable for students with various levels of language proficiency. Before enrolling, students must take an entrance test to determine their current level of English. After that, they will be placed in appropriate groups according to their level. If a candidate's level is not high enough (below level 10 on the ILAC scale), they will first take a General English course.

The initial level of Englesh will determine the duration of the language preparation at ILAC. The reason behind it is that after completing the University Pathway program, students must possess the set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to successfully study at universities and colleges in Canada, the USA, or Europe. Therefore, the lower the initial level of English, the longer the training will take.

English courses at ILAC are conducted intensively using the most modern methods, significantly accelerating students' progress. Within just a few weeks, ILAC students acquire knowledge and skills that would take years to learn elsewhere, quickly advancing from one level to the next.

The approximate duration of the program depending on the language level:

English Level Approximate Program Duration
Levels 14-15: High Advanced

8-12 weeks

Levels 12-13: Advanced 12-20 weeks
Levels 10-11: Pre-Advanced 20-28 weeks
Levels 8-9: High Intermediate 28-32 weeks
Levels 6-7: Intermediate 32-40 weeks
Levels 4-5: Pre-Intermediate 40-48 weeks
Levels 2-3: Beginner 48-56 weeks

Every two weeks, students also undergo additional testing to track their progress.

Upon successful completion of the program, ILAC students receive certificates that can be sent to colleges or universities along with other application documents to meet the language requirements.

Learning Format

University Pathway

You don't have to be in Canada to enroll in the University Pathway program at ILAC. Besides in-person courses offered in Toronto and Vancouver, students also have the option to study remotely.

The online learning format offers greater flexibility and a convenient schedule to meet individual needs. Online classes are available in two modes: Full-time and Part-time. By taking online courses, you can join a large multicultural community, as students from over 90 countries currently study at ILAC online.

How to Join the University Pathway Program

ILAC offers affordable prices. The cost of the University Pathway program will pleasantly surprise potential students, as the school does not charge extra fees for this course — the price remains the same as for other ILAC language courses.

Moreover, ILAC often provides special promotions and discounts. Our company, Immigrant.Today, is a partner of ILAC, and by registering through our link for online classes at this school, you can receive a significant discount.

If you wish to attend English courses in Canada, you can also contact our visa consultant, who will assess your chances of obtaining a Canadian visa and help with the necessary documentation.

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