Another immigration selection in Quebec

Another immigration selection in Quebec

There are even more invitations this time around!

Quebec has again released the results of a draw for immigration candidates. On September 7, the region invited 1,433 skilled workers.

Selected candidates must have met one of the following requirements:

  • have an oral French proficiency of level 7 or above in the provincial grading system (above average) and score a minimum of 586 points in the Arrima scoring system;
  • or have a job offer outside of Montreal and its suburbs.
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In the Arrima system, points are awarded for language skills (primarily French), education, work experience, age, profession, and availability of a job offer in Quebec.

The previous provincial selection was held on August 24, inviting only those who found a job outside Montreal or had an in-demand occupation. And the passing score was two points lower.

Quebec is the only province in Canada with its own immigration system. The region sets the criteria for selecting candidates independently of the federal government.

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