Quebec sent more than 1,000 immigration invitations

Quebec sent more than 1,000 immigration invitations

This year, the province is pleasing applicants with large draws.

On March 2, Quebec held an immigration draw in which skilled workers were invited. The region selected a total of 1,017 people.

To receive an invitation, candidates had to meet one of the following criteria:

  • score 589 points or higher in Arrima;
  • have a job offer outside of Montreal and its suburbs.

The previous draw in Quebec was held on February 16. The passing scores were slightly lower, but there was a list of eligible occupations. In the new drawing, candidates were invited regardless of their profession.

Quebec is the only province in Canada with its own immigration system. The region sets the criteria for selecting applicants independently of the federal government. The province plans to accept 52,500 immigration candidates in 2023.

The Arrima system evaluates age, language skills (primarily French), work experience, profession, education, and availability of a job offer in Quebec.

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