British Columbia issued more than 200 invitations to immigrate

British Columbia issued more than 200 invitations to immigrate

The province held another draw for candidates.

On March 7, the province of British Columbia held an immigration drawing under the provincial immigration program. A total of 274 people were invited.

229 candidates were selected by the province in a general drawing in which the following streams participated:

The previous draw was held on February 22. In the new drawing, the passing scores for international graduates increased by 2 points, for skilled workers decreased by 1 point, and for entry-level and semi-skilled workers remained unchanged.

Another 45 people received invitations in a target draw for certain occupations. These candidates needed to score 60 points:

Usually, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are also invited to target draws, but they did not participate this time. The previous target draw was held on February 28, and the passing score remained the same.

British Columbia awards points for education, work experience, language skills, employer location, and wage. All participants must have a job offer from the province.

Follow British Columbia's draw history for reliable information on passing scores and the number of invitations sent.

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