New immigration program to Canada with free training

New immigration program to Canada with free training

A province of Canada is launching a new pilot through which you can move and you will be taught the language and assisted for free.

New Brunswick, a small province in eastern Canada, has announced the launch of a new Critical Worker Pilot. And it has requirements that don't exist anywhere else. For those who want to get permanent residency in Canada, it is a huge plus. The pilot is for critical workers. Candidates will be invited for jobs that are hard to fill with locals.

New Brunswick is one of the regions where people don't stay very long. Locals try to move to larger regions, immigrants eventually leave the province, too. A simple example — I once interviewed a guy who worked as a trucker. When he got his permanent residency, he moved to Ottawa and completely changed his occupation.


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New Brunswick's officials are aware of this, and to deal with the labour shortage, they are coming up with new simplified immigration programs. So far, the immigration pilot has just been announced, and it's not yet known what the eligibility requirements will be. But I think they will be easy.

First, because provincial immigration programs usually always have simplified requirements, and second, because New Brunswick has made requirements for employers. Since employers are mentioned, one of the pilot's requirements is likely to be a job offer in New Brunswick. I'll tell you later why it's not a drawback in this particular program.

The company will not just have to give you a job, but also:

  • help with transportation and housing;
  • provide 200 hours of language training if you have poor English;
  • provide opportunities for on-the-job skills enhancement;
  • support you if you want to get a Canadian education.

At first glance, it seems very cool. You don't just immigrate to Canada with a job, but you also get training at the employer's expense. As I said, New Brunswick hasn't yet announced the requirements for applicants, but I think it will require a low level of language, maybe no language requirements at all, and probably a high school education.


Now someone probably thinks that it's kind of a scam. Why would companies bother looking for foreigners, arranging documents for them, waiting for them to come to Canada, and then training them for free? On the one hand, these are expenses. But it turns out that they have to spend more money to hire workers from other regions of Canada than from abroad.

The New Brunswick government has already made arrangements with companies that are willing to accept such terms. And these companies will hire candidates under the immigration pilot. A similar principle, by the way, applies to the Atlantic Immigration Program. There is a list of employers there from whom you must find work in order to immigrate.

There are six such companies in the new pilot so far, and more may be added later. The New Brunswick government says that these companies have already proven themselves by regularly hiring foreign workers, helping them with relocation, and then those workers get permanent residency.

Companies that will hire candidates under the pilot:

Advantages of the pilot

So far, the Critical Worker Pilot seems a good way to immigrate. First, there is a list of employers. You don't have to spend time scouring thousands of Canadian companies for job openings, sending them your CV, and hoping that someone will hire a foreigner. All you need to do is research jobs with specific organizations that are working with the government. Second, the employer will help you improve your language and skills. Third, most likely, the requirements for you will be low, but this will be known for sure later.

I advise you not to delay and not to wait until there are requirements for applicants. You will run out of places very quickly because the Canadian government limits the number of people who can apply for permanent residency in each program. Don't think that everything will be very easy. Chances are that you will need at least a basic level of English. So start remembering your school program. You will also need a CV written according to Canadian standards. It is a good idea to prepare for a possible job interview.

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Alex Pavlenko, founder of Immigrant.Today

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