Immigration to the Atlantic provinces - Atlantic Immigration Program

Immigration to the Atlantic provinces - Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Program allows workers of many professions to immigrate to Canada and has low language and money requirements.

The Atlantic Immigration Program is a regional immigration program that allows skilled workers and university graduates to obtain permanent residency in Canada. The language, education, and financial requirements for the program are reduced.

Program features

Under the Atlantic immigration program, you can move to one of the four Atlantic provinces in eastern Canada:

Before applying, the candidate must find a job in one of the listed provinces. However, there is a shortage of specialists in these regions, so employers can hire foreign applicants in a simplified manner, without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which requires the company to prove that there are no suitable candidates for the position among Canadian citizens and residents.

Each province has a list of designated employers who can hire foreigners under the Atlantic Immigration Program.

Categories of candidates

Two categories of candidates may apply for the Atlantic program:

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