Selections for federal programs have resumed

Selections for federal programs have resumed

Participants in some of them waited a year and a half.

On July 6, 2022, the first drawing of invitations to apply for permanent residency was held for participants in all immigration programs this year. There were 1,500 people selected who registered in Express Entry no earlier than November 13, 2021. Compared to previous draws, this is quite small: before the pandemic, usually more than 3,000 people were invited twice a month.

The minimum passing score on the Complex Ranking System was very high. For this selection, it was 557. People who don't have a nomination from one of the Canadian provinces have a pretty hard time scoring that high. For example, in the last selection for professionals with Canadian experience, which was September 14, 2021, the minimum score was 462.

The requirements of today's selection have never been as high as they are for participants without additional provincial points — you can see that for yourself by scrolling through the history of the selection. But there were 8,773 candidates in the Express Entry pool as of July 6, with points ranging from 501 to 600, that is, without provincial nominations automatically adding 600 points. It is very likely that in the next draws they will invite candidates with the maximum rating.

Express Entry scores are based on human capital factors: age, education, work experience, English or French. Candidates can apply for three federal economic class programs:

The first two programs last invited people back in late 2020. Specialists with work experience in Canada, many of whom were already in the country, were luckier.

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